Warm Weather Shipment Disclaimer:

As the temperature heats up, some of the delicious products we carry become vulnerable to heat damage during the summer months.

Although we take all of the proper precautions such as promptly shipping items from our climate controlled location; placing “Heat Sensitive” labels on all of our outgoing packages; offering 2-3 day shipping on all orders, we are ultimately unable to control the conditions your package(s) may encounter during the shipping process.

Suggestions to help minimize heat damage during summer months:

  • Upgrade to Cold Pack Shipping by clicking here

·         Packages left outside on a hot summer day are extremely vulnerable to heat damage. To avoid this situation, some customers opt to have their orders delivered to their work address when warm weather reigns.

·         Another option is to have your order shipped to the home of a friend, neighbor or relative if you know you are not going to be available to receive it.


Coping with Melting Issues:

·         If some of the products you ordered have melted, placed the unopened items in the refrigerator for approximately an hour. Minimize how much you handle individually wrapped products for best results. Although the appearance of the recently melted item(s) may be altered, products will re-harden with no loss of nutrition or taste.