• Bariatric Pre-Surgery Kit (2 Weeks)

    $199.95 $179.95

    Our Bariatric Pre-Surgery Kit was designed to help with the diet needs recommended to patients by most Bariatric Surgeons.    

    Why should you diet before surgery? According to research, surgeons can encounter an enlarged liver during the procedure making the procedure more complex. By following a low calorie diet a minimum of two weeks prior to surgery, you can significantly shrink the size of the liver and make your surgery shorter and safer.*

    This 2-Week Kit was designed to help you lose the weight necessary before your surgery and thus shrink your liver for optimal results.*

    For the Allied Diet you will consume these items DAILY:

    •  2 Pudding Shakes
    •  1 Protein Shaker, Smoothie, or Ready to Drink (RTD) Shake
    •  1 Bar or Snack
    •  1 Protein Drink Mix
    •  1 Fresh Meal (you will prepare this)

    This 2-Week Kit includes:

    • 4 boxes of our delicious PUDDING SHAKES
    • 2 boxes of our SMOOTHIE BASE with the accompanying 2 boxes of FLAVOR PACKS  -OR-  14 bottles of our PROTEIN SHAKERS (just add water and shake)
    • 2 boxes of BARS or SNACKS
    • 2 boxes of PROTEIN DRINK MIXES (also referred to as PROTEIN BOOSTS)
    • Program Guide and Instructions
    • 2 Weekly Food Journals
    •  Free Shaker Cup
    • Access to our easy-to-use App and Client Portal (login and password sent to you via email)
    • Price includes FREE SHIPPING

    Please Note:  Some flavors may be substituted for similar flavors based on seasonal availability or low-stock items. Any substituted items will be marked on your packing slip and will provide the same nutritional value and delicious taste!

    *Consult with your physician before beginning any diet, exercise, supplementation, or Pre-Surgery diet program.