• High Protein Fusilli Pasta (7 per box)

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    Who said you can't enjoy pasta on a low-carb diet? Not us! In fact, we are happy to introduce you to our High Protein Fusilli Pasta! Not only is this pasta packed with 18 grams of hunger fighting protein, it actually TASTES AMAZING! There's no need to be on a diet to enjoy this perfectly portioned pasta. 

    • 110 calories per serving!
    • Only 1.5 grams of fat
    • 4 net carbs!
    • ZERO sugar
    • 18 grams of quality protein
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    (7 packets per box)

    1. Bring to boil 1 L (4 cups) of slightly salted water.
    2. Dip the pasta easy-cook pouch in the water (leaving the pasta in the pouch).
    3. Cook for 9 minutes or more, according to your taste preference.
    4. Remove from pan and drain the high-protein pasta.
    5. Open the pouch and serve in a plate. Consume in the following 10 minutes.

    Add in your favorite toppings and enjoy!