• Ketone Test Strips - (100 ct.) Professional Grade, Fast Results!

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    This 100 pack bottle of Ketone Test Strips are a great diet aid for those following a Low-Carb or Ketogenic Diet Program!

    • Easy to Use
    • Professional Grade
    • Quick Results
    • Reliable
    • Ketogenic and Low-Carb Diet Ketosis Testing Strips

    100 test strips per container

    Directions for Use
    1. Sample preparation: Put the urine specimen into a urine cup or other clean container.

    2.  Immerse the reagent pad area of the strip in the urine specimen and take it out immediately. Wipe off excess urine against the rim of the specimen container.

    3.  Hold the strip(s) horizontally. Read the test results after 40 seconds then compare the test area with the color chart on the bottle. Write down the result


    Re-read instructions and re-test. Check expiration date on bottle. Discard bottle if passed expiration date.


    Inspect test pad on other strips. If test pad is discolored then strips may have been exposed to excessive heat/cold, light, or moisture. Discard discolored strips.


    Reaction Principle
    The acetoacetate and sodium nitroprusside cause reaction in alkaline medium, which produces purplish red compounds.