• Smoothie Variety Box (Box includes 7 Smoothie Bases & 7 Mix-In Varieties)

    $27.95 $23.95

    Our Smoothie Variety Box takes the guesswork out of deciding which Smoothie flavor to choose!

    Now you can sample each flavor right out of one box!

    Items Included:

    • 7 Smoothie Base Mixes
    • 2 Chocolate Indulgence Mix-Ins
    • 1 Orange Creamsicle Mix-In
    • 1 Vanilla Bean Mix-In
    • 1 Pina Colada Mix-In
    • 1 Blueberry Delight Mix-In
    • 1 California Dreaming Strawberry Mix-In
    Our smoothie base provides an all natural blend of protein, fiber and healthy fats to serve as your base for creating great tasting smoothies! Choose to blend with our assortment of flavor packs, or blend with fresh ingredients for a smoothie that's all your own.

    1. Add 8 fl. oz of cold water to a shaker bottle or blender (we recommend using a blender for a richer creamier smoothie).
    2. Add contents of base packet to cold water.
    3. Add your choice of flavor packet or fresh ingredients.
    4. Shake or blend until smooth.

    (7 Smoothie Bases and 7 Variety Mix-Ins per box)